Our "tollers" came from
Littleriver Kennels Perm Reg'd.

Emily Clark ~ New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

Littleriver's Russ
Sire ~ Littleriver's Dexter, Dam ~ Ch Jess of Littleriver

Stephen Shoihet & Maureen McElwee ~ Kelowna, British Columbia

Starbuck ~ "Dug Dog"
Click on picture to visit "Dug Dog's Own Page".
Sire ~ Littleriver's Dexter, Dam ~ Littleriver's Lady In Red

Stephen Shoihet & Maureen McElwee ~ Kelowna, British Columbia

Captain Ahab
Sire ~ BISS Ch Littleriver's Delhaven Dancer
Dam ~ Beinnbhreaghs Double Cross

Jeanne-Marie Jaccard ~ Switzerland

Littleriver's Digby
Sire ~ Jem's Rusty Rogan   Dam ~ Littleriver's Tippie

Chris Jerkins ~ Arlington, Texas

"I'm going to Texas, so I guess                          "You mean I have to stay in this thing

I won't see you for a while.”                                   for  three and one-half hours?"

Littleriver's Morning Waker

Sire ~ Littleriver's Dexter, Dam Ch Littleriver's Sassy Girl
Good Morning From Texas:
I just wanted to stop in and give you a little update on Waker.
We moved into our house about two months ago and he loves his yard.  The
house already had a doggy door built into it and he figured it out on the
first try.
He was neutered at 4 months, and he's somewhere around 35 lbs. right now.
He's a little baby.  He hates getting into trouble.  When he does, he walks
into his kennel on his own and pouts for a while.  It's kind of funny.  He
acts like a 2 yr. old child when told "no!".
He doesn't chew or dig.  He is probably the best behaved dog I've ever seen
at his age.  He is more mature than any of my friend's dogs who are 2 years
old or older.  He loves people.  He's been to a lake in Arkansas and
Tennessee with my parent's 135lb lab, and enjoyed himself.  They are best
friends when they get together.
Waker recently had his first 4th of July, where he watched all the fire works
along with everyone else.  I mean he actually would watch them from the time
they shot up from the ground until they exploded in the air.  He would
occasionally jump in the air and do a flip almost trying to grab them from
his leash.  He was the main star of the fireworks show.  More people watched
him instead of the fireworks.
Overall everything is great and he is a perfect addition to my new family.
We're already talking about getting him a buddy in a year or two.
You raise great dogs.  Thanks.
~ Chris Jerkins ~

Dr. Richard & Kathryn Titmas, Darnestown, Maryland, USA.

 Littleriver's Zachery

Sire ~ Ch Littleriver's Argus, Dam ~ Littleriver's Mathilda

Jack & Mary Jones ~ Virginia, USA

Littleriver's Acadia Cadi
Sire ~ Ch Littleriver's Argus, Dam ~ Ch Jess of Littleriver

Blair & Martha Boudreau (Aaron & Alec) ~ Red Deer, Alberta
(Now in New Brunswick)


"A Toller Happy Family"

Littleriver's Chelsea
Sire ~ Ch Sehi's Little Breton CD, WC
Dam ~ Ch Littleriver's Sassy Girl   

Nicole Murray & Alberto Perez ~ Cap-Rouge, Quebec

Littleriver's Toffee
Sire ~ Littleriver's Dexter, Dam ~ Littleriver's Tess

The Coolens ( Kirby, Rhea, Charlie & Ian ) ~ New Glasgow

Littleriver's Ruby
Sire ~ Ch Littlever's Argus, Dam ~ Littleriver's Mathilda  

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