Our "tollers" came from
Littleriver Kennels Perm Reg'd.

In Memory of Richard Mohr 
April 26, 1966 - December 25, 2008

 Maggie-Mae, A foxy toller!
Littleriver's Maggie-Mae

Rick & Natasha Mohr, Halifax, Nova Scotia

              Littleriver's Maggie-Mae                       Andrew, Maggie-Mae & Elizabeth

Littleriver's Salsa

Best Friends ~ Littleriver's Tess & Emily.                    Is it my play?

Jeff Casey ~ Nova Scotia

Littleriver's Dexter
Sire ~ Ch Littleriver's Blaze of Glory, Dam ~ Littleriver's Molly 2nd.   

Theresa & John Cochrane ~ Ontario

Hi Everyone,

I had a rather unnerving experience today.


I was taking Yukon (7 months) on a walk in a wooded area with trails.
He was walking on leash nicely by my side when out of nowhere came a
dog, running toward us.  Right away, the other dog, who appeared to be a
young German Shepherd, got quite aggressive with Yukon.  It was barking
and snapping at him.  We kept walking, and I tried to get it away from
us but it would not back off.  We met with a group of three others who
tried to distract the dog's attention away from Yukon.  All along, Yukon
was being quite submissive and only barked back once.  Finally, he laid
on the ground and the other dog backed off and the irresponsible owner
finally came along.  I had a few words for her about keeping her dog on
a leash, as did the other people we had encountered.  Gladly,  I think
the whole thing bothered me a lot more than Yukon.

Theresa Cochrane

Littleriver's Yukon
Sire ~ Littleriver's Dexter, Dam ~ Ch Jess of Littleriver  

A Littleriver Litter 1994

Photo by Harmony Standard

A Litter By

Ch Littleriver’s Sassy Girl & Littleriver’s Dexter

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