Our "tollers" came from
Littleriver Kennels Perm Reg'd.

Birgit Steinich ~ Qro, Mexico

Littleriver's Mexican Señorita ~ "Kessi"
Sire ~ BISS CH Littleriver's Delhaven Dancer
Dam ~ Beinnbhreaghs Double Cross
Click on Kessi's picture to visit her own page

La Señorita Kessi likes to eat La Socks!

Kim Tufts & Shin Wha Yi, ~ Halifax, NS

Kierka of Littleriver
Sire ~ BISS CH Littleriver's Delhaven Dancer,
Dam ~ Littleriver's Molly 2nd
"Kierka retrieves anything I throw -tennis ball, frisbee, decoy- over and over again. I usually get tired before she does. And when that
happens she throws the ball herself and brings it to me as if I'd thrown it!  Amazing dogs!" ~ Kim Tufts

Amanda & Selmon Holland ~ Douglas, Alaska, USA

Littleriver's StarsOnTheWater ~ "Sirius"
Sire ~ BISS CH Littleriver's Delhaven Dancer
Dam ~ Littleriver's Christmas Bell

Sandra & Keith Messenger ~ Halifax, NS


Here is a picture of our two Littleriver tollers.  The
younger one is Littleriver's Guinness out of Cinnamon and Argus (born Sept.
11, 2001) and his older brother is Littleriver's Duncan out of Tess and
Hunter (born Feb. 17, 1998).  Guinness was welcomed by Duncan and our
cat almost immediately and they have been great friends ever since.  By
the way, Guinness is well on the way to achieving his Level 4 in
obedience  at Lietash Canine Academy  and will soon be participating in
agility and/or flyball.  Our greatest thanks for all your work with this
wonderful breed!

Littleriver's Guinness & Littleriver's Duncan

Sandra and Keith Messenger
Halifax, N.S.

Dr. Rene J. Belland / Donna McKay /
 Kathleen & Daniel Belland
~  Edmonton, Alberta

 Littleriver’s Mozart

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