"Isabel" & Me!  Living On The Edge Beside The Avon River,  Douglas Wayne Coldwell
~ A Review by Gail MacMillan      (Click to Return)

With his usual sense of humor, candor, and soul-searching frankness, Doug Coldwell tells his unique story in Isabel and Me!.  The book describes one man’s journey through childhood, youth, and maturity as he learns life’s lessons and profits from them.  Not above seeing the humor or the tragedy in the error of his ways, Doug explains the development of his sense of self worth and his quest for inner peace within the context of family life in a manner to which we can all relate. 
As always, Doug doesn’t pull any punches or gloss over unpleasant realities.  He’s equally adept, however, at extolling the wonder and beauty of the love and contentment to be found in the heart of a close-nit family.
Isabel and Me! contains a number of songs, poems, and illustrations attractively displayed throughout the text.  Appropriately placed, these add greatly to the book’s esthetic appeal and effectively introduce us to the people, places, and emotions that have served to colour in the outline of Doug’s amazing life.
Isabel and Me! carries a message that is there for each of us to interpret in our own way.  Teaching as it conscientiously avoids preaching, Isabel and Me! is an entertaining and enjoyable read that can enrich our lives with its insights into and assessments of the human condition.                

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