"George's Page of Excellent Toller Web Sites"

This site is scheduled to shut down as of July 1, 2006.  Because of Georges invitation to take whatever we want from the site, I have chosen to add this portion of his site to mine in gratitude to George for his efforts to help others to build excellent sites.  DWC

Directory of Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Sites

Using a variety of internet search engines i.e. HotBot, directories i.e. Yahoo and Hybrid search engines  I have endeavored to visit any and all NSDTR sites that I could find on the internet. While some of these sites mentioned the breed (NSDTR or Toller) by name only, others had considerably more information up to the level of excellence of the John Norris, the Cindy Tittle Moore, My Sköld and the NSDTR Genealogical sites.

While the subjective review system that I use has its foundation in personal discretion, I endeavor to evaluate each English language site for depth, value as an information source on NSDTR's, promotion of breed recognition, ease of exploration and net appeal . After review, I grade each site according to the following Magellan style rating system:

**** Excellent 
*** Very Good 
** Good 
* Not Very Useful
at the time that I visited

No attempt is made to rank the individual sites within the respective categories. 
No attempt is made to validate the content of the sites visited. 
No censorship of a site due to content or source. I do not believe in censorship but I do believe in privacy on the internet!

Any site that gives me the aggravation of a drop down or pop-up  is highlighted! Avoid all tripod.com sites and angelfire.com sites as they are an aggravation!!!

Now while some sites were "Not Very Useful" at the time of my visit, I of all people, who is just an internet and HTML neophyte, understand every site has to have a beginning and all sites are "under construction" as a default. Therefore, those sites that are "Not Very Useful" currently, I consider them to show future developmental potential.

For time considerations and because I am a unalingual Anglophone, I review only English language sites. An excellent site for Toller links from all countries is My Toller.net by Pia and Kai Risku; other are:Tollarlankar Site, My Skold's Toller Links, Helen Karlsson's Swedish site and Hilkka Makitalo's Finnish site.
In this regard, if I missed your site or you know of others that I should be picking up, please contact me.

The following then is my on line directory of Toller sites that I have reviewed and rated:


The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever by My Sköld.
The largest toller internet site due in part to My's  Toller genealogical data base . My is regularly updating; so, this site is always current. The split screen makes for easy surfing. 

(a) PRA Euro Registry  
(b)  My Sköld supplies the data base details for the NSDTR Genealogical site  and she is the administrator of the Toller Ring  
(c) Toller Clubs --  The best as by country   Lots more !!!!!!!!!
(d) Toller Links by country. The largest and probably the best site for all countries.
My  Sköld's Homepage and Tollers at http://hem.bredband.net/myskold/index1.html

 2. Decoymans - NSDTR's by John Norris.  
Lots of original work at this site that is always dynamic; John is an unabashed full spectrum promoter of the toller breed!!!
 Certainly one of the biggest toller sites on the internet today and the one that many of the search engines and directories point to first. John is a couple of steps ahead of everyone else as evidenced by the fact that he owns the domain name tollers.com.
also at http://www.decoymans.freeserve.co.uk/

(a). This is the home of the aforementioned H.A.P. Smith article - "The Tolling Dog or the Little River Duck Dog" (1900) that I was so please to see listed. For additional history on the Red Dog --- John Norris has put up two books that are a must see to any one interested in the history of Decoys and Decoy Dogs:
            1.) The Book Of Duck Decoys by Sir Ralph Gallway, 1886
            2.) British Duck Decoys of Today, 1918 by Joseph Whitaker where "The Decoy Dog" is described as a "small, reddish-colored mongrel" that has been bred to resemble a fox. This 1918 decoy dog and its tolling techniques "he appears from behind one of the reed-screens, trots along his little towing-path, jumps over his dog-jump, disappears with a flourish of his tail behind the next reed-screen, and then reappears from behind the screen a few yards further up the bank" may very well have linkage to the NSDTR as we know it today.
(b) John Norris has even arranged for a NSDTR ring to be designed; the cost is $498.95 US for gold and $385.95US for Sterling Silver.
(c) John also maintains the NSDTR (Cold Game Working Test, May, 1998). About half way through this document is an article entitled "The Toller (Retrieving) Test" that is designed "to put the dog and a handler in as much a realistic situation as possible to do tolling work". This Toller Test was designed by J. Stenebo, M. Stenebo and P. Andren.
(d) NEW John Norris has recently designed a Toller badge that is available on his site at http://www.tollers.com/badge.htm
(e) Nacton Duck Dog Day http://www.tollers.com/funday.htm
(f) Duck Dog Masters - Tolling Test, Where everyone is a Winner http://www.tollers.com/masters.htm

3. "LittleRiver Kennels Perm Reg'd" Home Page by Doug and Dawn Coldwell. A bilingual Canadian site by toller breed pioneers Doug and Dawn Coldwell. The LittleRiver Kennels not only has a long history but an impressive list of quality tollers accomplishments i.e. top toller in Canada in 2000, Gus, aka Littleriver's Argus. The LittleRiver Kennel encompass 37 years and 10 generations of  NSDTRs
(a) The 2nd ed. of The Love Of Tollers is now available on this site as an "e-book". it contains a Part ll with 4 additional chapters --- a first for a NSDTR site! 
(b) I understand that the 1998 Royal Canadian Mint issue of the NSDTR coin is no longer available from the Mint; however, Doug Coldwell has a limited number of coins available from this site at $20 Cdn. plus shipping and handling.
(c) Check out the section(s) on "What is Tolling" and "This is the way it is done" from someone who knows!
(d) For those who want to travel the Province of Nova Scotia, the ancestral home of the NSDTR, this site has extensive travel links under "Explore Nova Scotia"  
(e) Puppy Information contains a list of caveats and precautions that are relevant not only to puppy but also mature dogs homes. The link to the Animal Poison Control Center is particularly relevant  after we almost lost our toller Bo after he consumed warfarin-- rodent bait.

4. (A) Toller Health by Laura Norie and Donna LaHaise. An excellent site dedicated to the health of tollers everywhere.Topics include:

    (B) What is the Toller Health Coalition
    (C) More Health Related: Registeries
Orthopedic Foundation for Animals operates a hip, elbow, eye, cardiac and thyroid      registery  
           Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
           CERF Canine Eye Registery Foundation at Perdue U. 
                Not available on this update.

It should be noted: These registries may give a false sense of security!!!  In the Winter '99 issue of Quackers there was some discussion by Carol Milbury of closed vs. open registries. "Currently the breeders who belong to our Breeders Directory (NSDTR Club (USA) have their breeding stock hip and eye certified by the OFA and CERF. Theses are known as closed registries, because they are confidential - they do not reveal all of the information they gather. They only release lists of 'normal dogs' unless the owner has signed a release. What many people don't realize is that just because a particular dog is certified as "normal" for a particular genetic disease does not mean that it is genetically normal. It simply means that it is not affected by that particular disease. Unfortunately , it can still be a carrier for that disease because carriers look just as good as dogs who are completely normal. --- So OFA and CERF give breeders and puppy buyers a false sense of security. --- In order to make more informed breeding choices --- we need to know who the carriers are. That is why I am recommending that we join a Genetic Disease Control Open Registry called GDC. The information gathered by this organization is not locked away , but is instead open to all who request it."
  (D) PRA Has Had Its Day . On Feb. 1, OptiGen Laboratory, LLC, a canine genetic testing  laboratory began accepting and processing blood tests to determine - with 99% accuracy - if your Toller is clear, a carrier of or affected with Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). This exciting new test, available world wide, is made available through the research of Dr. Gus Aguirre and colleagues of the James A. Baker Institute for Animal Health at Cornell University.

5. Links to Toller Club sites:
(a) The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Club of Canada included on this page is the Official Canadian Kennel Club NSDTR Breed Standard - as published in Canadian Kennel Club Official Section, December 1997
(b) The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club (USA)  
(c) The NSDTR Club of Denmark  
(d) The NSDTR Club of Sweden --This is the largest Toller Club with over 1200 members and about 2500 Tollers registered.
(e) The NSDTR Club of Switzerland
(f) The NSDTR Club of UK 
(g) NSDTR Club of Ontario --- a reinvented Club designed as a Ontario regional club.
(h) Finnish Toller Club no English option.
(i) NSDTR Club Netherland

6. Tollers International by Ron Critchfield is one of the very best because it is a current site that is news and events oriented
(a)  Questions to ask a breeder - for the new prospective NSDTR puppy purchaser I make reference to this page on all requests where I reply with puppy sourcing locations.
(b) Event calendar 

7. NSDTR Genealogical Site   WOW!    This site provided by Theo Gray is impressive. The data base of 10,000 NSDTR's for this site is provided by My Sköld. 

8. Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers (Breed FAQ) article by Cindy Tittle Moore The original document is dated February 16, 2004 --- but revisions are done regularly .
This site links to the the premier dog-faqs/breeds/toller; the organization and content here is superb. This is the dog-faqs site that gives an objective overview of the NSDTR breed.  Cindy Title Moore has been referred to as "the single most prolific dog presence on the world wide web". With all that doggy information I would just like to know what breed(s) of dog(s) she has?

Ms. Moore along with Mr. Eric Johnson are the list owners of the toller discussion group, TOLLER-L .

9. rec.pets.dogs:Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers-FAQ article by Cindy Tittle Moore last revision shown is April 23,1999. This is the ubiquitous USENET rec.pets.dogs.breeds newsgroup's FAQ's for the NSDTR breed that is at every ftp site around the globe. ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/usenet/news.answers/dogs-faq/breeds/tollers

10. The Toller Ring is composed of a "community of owners, hunters , breeders, trainers and friends of the NSDTR".  The Toller Ring is owned  by Shannen Falconer; My  Sköld is the  administrator. While anyone can display the Toller Ring banner, you must be approved by the ring administrator to be a member of good standing in order to come up on their site's random access. There was 62 registered sites as of this update. While I consider this to be an excellent site, I am opposed to other than parental form(s) of censorship on the internet and I would not consider giving others approval discretion over my site's content.
 If you want a real toller ring John Norris has arranged to have one designed; details are available from his Decoyman's NSDTR's sight. 

11. Driftwood Kennels by Paul and Carol Milbury. Links to pics is appreciated. 
Check out Clipper's Page - he an all round performer who has won the US National Specialty twice

Also available at:

12. NSDTR Breed Standards
(b) CKC http://www.ckc.ca./  
(c) NSDTR Club (USA) http://www.nsdtrc-usa.org/standard.html 
The NSDTR Breed Standard Video is now available; contact the Club Merchandising Chair.
(d) ARBA http://www.arba.org/
(f) Australian National Kennel Council http://www.ankc.aust.com/novascot.html

15. Toller Photo Gallery by Byron and Laura. This is the way to present a photo album!!
and more photos in thumb nail form Dog Daze showing Byron and Laura's Jack Russell Terriers and NSDTR , what a mix!
Thanks for the netiquette presentation!
**** Thumbs Plus **** used to create thumb nail album -- looks like a good program to manage and present pics.

by Jolanda Achterberg Another slick/professional thumb nail album presentation in frames format!

For the best Toller Animations check this site out.

Colour variations in tollers. Genetic variations in toller colour and colour patterns.

17. Did you know that Babe Ruth owned a toller? article by Marc Folco a columnist for the Standard-Times. 

18. Copper and Brass's     Not Available on this update!

19. NSDTR Breed Review by Michele Welton An honest review of What's Good and What's Bad about tollers!

20. Mytoller.net by Pia and Kai Risku The best toller link site! The purpose is to have a dynamic up-to-date link collection to different toller pages in the world. Addition and edition of links is open for everybody.

21. Toller-L Diaries You must be registered to access!

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