A Brief Biography of "Doug & Dawn"

Douglas Wayne Coldwell and Dawn Elizabeth Hennigar-Coldwell  grew up in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia.  Each became Elementary School teachers and have enjoyed living and teaching in the Valley for their whole careers, which together amounts to over sixty years.  Both began singing in church youth choirs and continued as adults.  Eventually they recorded two albums of Gospel songs that were written by Doug.  Most of the songs were greatly improved with the addition of the alto harmony written and sung by Dawn.  The CD, "A Hodge-Podge of Music", contains their favorites from those early albums plus several inspirational songs that Doug wrote for his children, his grandchildren and his students.  The title song,  “Back Home In Nova Scotia” was begun by Doug when he was eighteen.  He finished the song forty years later.  When he began the song, Doug knew only three guitar chords.  When he finished it he knew twelve chords, all of which he used in the song. 
Doug and Dawn realized on their first date that their voices matched each other perfectly.  They have enjoyed almost forty years of harmony in their music and work very hard at making their marriage harmonious as well.
 “Now and then it has needed a rewrite like a few of our songs, but just like the music, as long as we keep working on it, it keeps on getting better”!   
Doug & Dawn
You can learn more about Doug & Dawn and their life together in Doug’s latest book, “ISABEL” & ME!, LIVING ON THE EDGE BESIDE THE AVON RIVER.  Available online at www.authorhouse.com.  Formerly: www.1stBooks.com.

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